WEB MD's "Your Plan for Health" uses bogus information

Columbus, Ohio 1 comment

I work at Ohio State University. We are given a reduction in our health insurance premiums if we participate in something called "Your Plan For Health," "powered" by WEB MD.

As part of this plan, we are to provide our health history, along with measures we are taking to maintain and improve our health. But their computer program does not allow us to enter complete information on any of that.

For example, I was not able to report the last three surgeries that I had, because there was no category to enter them under. Likewise, there were not categories for all of the medications I am taking. On one question regarding the number of prescriptions I get filled each year, they wouldn't accept my answer. I had to lie, to continue.

Currently, about twice a year, I am seeing a general practitioner, a cardiologist, and a urologist. WEB MD does not allow me to enter that information, but they are more than willing to give me advice based on the incomplete health history that they have. Since I have real doctors, working with real information, I don't see any need for WEB MD to give me advice at all.

WEB MD is not really providing any service, yet somebody is paying for it. I might be paying less for my health insurance because of it, but somebody is paying for their phony service, and that expense is probably being passed on anyway.



Currently at my work place WebMD is playing the same game and they want employees to give up personal information to them that are protected by HIPAA. There is an wellness assessment form they want filled out and to accept a disclaimer or you will not get processed for better health care.

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